Friday, December 22, 2006

Thank You Western Victoria

Last Thursday 15 December I was officially declared to have won the fifth seat for Western Victoria. This has received considerable attention in the press as the first DLP win in the Victorian Parliament in more than fifty years .

I owe a great deal to all those people throughout Western Victoria who helped me and the DLP achieve this historic victory. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me of course. I would also like to thank everyone who thought about their vote, even if they voted for someone else.

Throughout the campaign, I was genuinely impressed by the people of Western Victoria. Strangers were noticeably friendly, warm and open. I recall teenagers on bikes calling out greetings as they rode by, drinkers at pubs putting their heads out to say hello. The people of Western Victoria really do seem to represent the best of the Australian tradition.

Throughout my campaign I argued that, as far as practicable, local people should decide local issues. I hope to get to know the ideas and views of Western Victorians better. I will visit many parts of the electorate in the new year to listen to the concerns of residents. I have also promised to pioneer new ways of consulting the people of Western Victoria. This promise will be fulfilled.

Thank you Western Victoria.

Wishing all Western Victorians the best for Christmas season and for 2007,

Peter Kavanagh
DLP MLC for Western Victoria
Parliament House, Melbourne

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