Friday, November 03, 2006

Survivors of "failed" abortion need legal protection:

Victorian law should explicitly mandate medical assistance for babies born alive after "failed" abortions.

Two cases have been reported in Australia of babies being left to die following abortion procedures, including one in the Northern Territory which was the subject of a public inquest (see Aborted Girl Lived 80 Minutes, Sunday Telegraph, 14 November 1999 and The Death of Jessica Jane, Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, 27 August 2004).

There is evidence that this happens much more frequently than it is reported. This is not so surprising, since there is no advocate for the fetus/baby in abortion procedures.

Surely babies born alive after undergoing abortion procedures are as entitled to respect and medical attention as anybody else. Members of the medical profession have a responsibility to such babies. Victorian law should make it explicit that physicians and nurses are legally obliged to do all they can to help a baby who is born alive, even after an "unsuccessful" abortion.

If I am elected to represent Western Victoria in the Upper House, I will work for legislation to mandate medical assistance for all babies born alive after 'unsuccessful' abortions. I think that many Victorians would be pleased to see both the ALP and the Liberal Party supporting this initiative.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Kavanagh for your stand on the abortion issue. In particular "partial birth abortion". In working for legislation to mandate for medical assistance for these aborted babies that survive I applaude you.
Please do all you can for the unborn babies who face such an horrific trauma. Please do all you can to stop the 40 week abortions being performed. How can this be tolerated when there is such high intolerance to animal crulty legally. Isn't a human life worth more than an animals.
Nikki Sinclair