Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Flattering the DLP by Imitation?

The following is the text of a letter, part of which was published in the Herald Sun.

The Herald Sun recently published two press releases by Family First, one on the taxes on first home buyers, the other promoting the construction of dams.

Opposition to the huge tax burdens that the present state government places on first home buyers has featured on my website since late last year. Helping first home buyers has always been a primary policy of the DLP. Indeed the assistance for first home buyers that exists today evolved from initiatives of the DLP around forty years ago.

I have also strongly and clearly advocated the construction of environmentally responsible dams to avert a water crisis. This has also been prominent on my website since last December.

One of the articles concluded with a comment that has been made quite often in the Herald Sun to the effect that the introduction of proportional representation this year gives smaller parties "such as Family First" a chance of winning seats. The DLP has never been mentioned. It might therefore surprise your Herald Sun readers to know that the DLP outvoted both Family First as well as the Democrats at the last Senate election.

Peter Kavanagh